Chancellor’s Message

Knowledge builds confidence, experience sharpens reflexes and widens one’s scope. This fact is easily verifiable at Admas University College, Hargeisa, where you can find skillful great instructors, and fascinating learning environment that fosters its inmates and helps them discover the secrets of the real world life. Every minute you spend in Admas Hargeisa will constitute an achievement milestone in your long way to success. Admas will give you the opportunity to learn with peers and you will be guided by our topnotch professors to explore the mysterious, yet unexplained secrets of your subject area to put you in a position to make your own contributions to your realm of study. Studying at our university is tantamount to acquiring a fast refreshing change. This is due to the attention you will receive within an environment that is never stifling. In Admas, you will acquire a unique shape that is compatible and well-suited to face the challenges of life, in exactly the same way aircraft designers construct airships with the necessary features to combat air drag, friction and any other common challenges that might pose impedance to the airship’s flight whilst airborne.

Admas will help you achieve a well-balanced combination of physical, mental, social and spiritual developments which will make you a useful member of the society. Our support, guidance and advisory role will help you attain the ambition to become a future leader, as you will be equipped, while in Admas, with the preliminaries and qualities of a good leader. This is evidenced by the fact that, many of our graduates now hold key positions in the government and in the private sector. And many of them already developed the ambition to rise to a leadership position within the higher echelons of the civil society and government. Going to Admas for study is very unlike just entering a university. It is a real plus to become a student of AUC, HB, because you will be plunged in a deep sea of knowledge by our round-the-clock working instructors and educationists, who are highly determined to prepare you for the future .Please join our university if you like to build a bright future. We are always your obedient servants. Just call us and we are instantly with you to address your most immediate needs of higher education service and equip you for a better future.

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