Post Graduate Diploma in Economic Development & Social Integration

The Post Graduate Diploma in Economic Development is one year course with two semesters. It encompasses class room lecturing/discussions and workshops during the year and classes will be at the weekends, only two days at The Economics Department, Admas College.

Entry Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent, or five years of professional experience in economic development or a related applied field together with evidence of his/her ability to participate post graduate diploma program.
  • Applicants may be required to attend a selection interview.

Structure and content

The philosophy of the programme is based on three related 'pillar' aspects of Economic Development:

  • The theories, models and practices used to foster locality based economic development in Somaliland and neighboring countries.
  • The characteristics of particular sector/region and the distinctive nature of economic development at the local, regional and national levels based on trends, patterns and experiences over time.
  • The tasks performed by 'practitioners' in economic development, as these become the outputs or products of the educational programme.

The programme is a combination of workshops, background readings, online information, projects, practicums and hands-on skills training.

Papers in Semester One

  • Economic Development & Social Integration Issues I
  • Economic Development& Social Integration Issues II

Papers in Semester Two

  • Economic Development Management
  • Economic Development Project

Why this program? How it benefits us? 

Every year, thousands of graduates are produced from different universities in Somaliland having knowledge from text-books, traditional and modern based theories and practices.  However, what different skilled graduates are really demanded by various organizations is ignored in this process.  To fill this gap, P G Diploma in Economic Development is one of our beginning attempts.

A Diploma Program in hand is useful like..…. You will certainly have a greater demand in various Government Ministries and National/Organizations.

Come and join us….. Benefit yourself! Benefit Somaliland!!

Course Coordinator:  Dr.Swamy.P.G   M.A. (Eco), Ph.D (Eco)

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