Economics Department

Economics Department is distinguished among others in Admas University with experienced and highly qualified teachers.  More than eight of our economics graduates are pursuing Master’s Degree Program at different universities of Turkey. And many are also on the way to complete Master’s Program from Singapore, Uganda and other countries.    

The department’s undergraduate student enrollment continues its upward trend, with students majoring in Economics nearly tripling in the past seven years.  The department has grown to include more than 150 freshmen graduates, in addition to hundreds of Admas students from other majors who include economics coursework as an integral part of their undergraduate studies.

Our majors have many opportunities to expand their academic activities beyond coursework. Career opportunities abound for our graduates, they have found positions in both the public (Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, and local government agencies) and private (International and National NGOs, banking, consulting) sectors. In addition, a degree in Economics is an excellent springboard for post graduate studies across a wide variety of fields, including law, business, and international relations, among others.


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