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The School of Postgraduate Studies


As a responsible higher education institution, Admas University Hargeisa keeps track of the need of the general society of Somaliland to shape the academic advancements it makes. In addition, it is in addressing this social responsibility that the university has launched its school of Postgraduate studies with the aim of producing highly qualified citizens in various disciplines with masters’ degrees. This is continuation of the decade long service the university is engaged in, that has produced visionary, capable and ethically shaped citizens who are holding key positions in the public and private sectors. Nevertheless, the university understands the inherent need of huge number of first degree holders to take their academic endeavors to the next level. As always, Admas University has set a standard to deliver affordable, in demand and goal oriented second degree programs to emphasize its uncompromising quality education motto. 


The Academic Departments in the School of Postgraduate Studies


  • MSc. in Computer Science 
  • MSc. in Accounting and Finance 
  • MBA in Business Administration 
  • M.A in Human Resource Management 
  • M.A in Project Planning and Management  


Duration of the programs


All the Masters Degree programs are set to be two years with four semesters. Three semesters are going to be used for course completion and proposal development while the fourth is going to be used for thesis preparation with supervisors.  

Delivery System


The program will be a Blocked Course System whereby students will take courses one at a time with in the semester domain. The classes are going to be delivered out of work time for three days in a week from which the two days are the weekend and the remaining one will be on Saturday. 

Admission Criteria


  • Undergraduate degree from a recognized university in a related field of study 
  • Official student transcript from the university with a CGPA of 2.5 and above 
  • Four passport size recent photos 
  • Submission of duly filled registration form  


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