Development Project Finance Short Training Course

Development Project Finance Short Training Course

About the Course

After realizing that there was a shortage of development finance experts in INGOs and LNGOs working in Somaliland, AUH is pioneered to introduce this course. This course will deal with the main issues associated with the finance of the public and private sectors in developing and transitional economies. The intention is to provide essential skills which equip graduates for successful careers in public finance, bank and non-bank financial institutions, international finance organizations, aid agencies, academic and research institutions and NGOs. The course includes an analysis of both the formal and informal financial sectors, policies to promote financial inclusion, clients’ financial service needs, institutional design and financial reforms. The course will also have a strong practice-oriented approach which will be reflected in the use of case studies.


For Who?

Practitioners and non-practitioners in both public and private sectors who are keen on acquiring skills and knowledge to contribute to and transform both the financial and non-financial sectors in Somaliland.

The following can apply among other practitioners,

  • Development Finance Practitioners,
  • Civil Servants,
  • Staff of Development Finance Institutions,
  • Staff of other Financial Institutions, Banks, Economists, Entrepreneurs and accountants,
  • Staff of NGOs,
  • Staff in the Private Sector among others.



Course Benefits and Outcomes

By the end of the program, the learner should be able to:

  • Describe how international business is carried out and its importance in development.
  • Design research that will contribute to development.
  • Appraise tools and methods used in development finance.
  • Apply strategies in private and public sector that promote sustainable development.
  • Apply ethical practices in evaluating governance issues, regulations and conduct of activities relating to development finance.
  • Develop the ability to progress to higher-level degrees such as Masters and PhD.

 Dr. Mohamed Osman Guudle, PhD

Assoc. Professor, School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Mohamed Osman Guudle is a Somaliland Scholar specializing in Economics and Political Science. He is an Associate Professor at the School of Graduate Studies of Admas University Hargeisa. Dr. Guudle has a B.A in Economics from Admas University; he also graduated with an MSc degree in Economics from Bilgi University in Istanbul Turkey and PhD in Political Science and International Relations from Istanbul University.  Dr. Mohamed Guudle has several publications in reputed international academic journals such as Istanbul Journal of Political Science, Journal of Sociological Conferences, and the Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.  Apart from academia he had long time working experience with International and Local NGOs in Somaliland and Turkey.  He is a member of Association of Researchers on Africa (Medeniyet University) in Istanbul.


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