Academic Programs

Undergraduate Academic Programs

Undergraduate Academic Programs

Expanding its academic study areas every year using needs assessment of Somaliland community, currently AU has seven faculties with 14 fields of studies.

School of Postgraduate Studies

School of Postgraduate Studies

As a responsible higher education institution, Admas University Hargeisa keeps truck of the need of the general society of Somaliland which shapes the academic level 

Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning Program

Distance learning is a way of learning basically without going to classes every time which is also a method instruction delivery for students who are not able to attend

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Welcome at Admas University 

Admas University Hargeisa is a branch of Admas University; an internationally accredited and highly reputed higher education institution in Ethiopia.

Admas University Hargeisa officially started its service in 2006 as the first private institute in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Initially the university was mainly providing social science field of studies for undergraduate programs but now it has diversified fields of studies. The university is symbolized for quality education assured by the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia through the National Quality Assurance agency known as the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance Agency (HERQA).

In its nine years of service in Somaliland, the university has widened its service to multidisciplinary areas of academics by incorporating socially relevant field of studies. As a result, so far it has produced more than 3,000 graduates who are serving key positions in government institutions, NGOs, and private sectors with high integrity and excellence in performance demonstrating the personality they developed in Admas.  


Our Environment

What makes Admas University different?
Celebration of Admas University Students’ Day
Admas University Student council

Programs of Study 

Expanding its academic study areas every year using needs assessment of Somaliland community, currently AU has seven faculties with 14 fields of studies. Accordingly, the followings are the high quality academic field of studies we have in our university.

Faculty of Engineering

 – Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Faculty of Economics

 – Department of Economics  – Department of Agricultural Economics  – Department of Rural Development

Faculty of Education

 – Department of Educational Planning and Management

Faculty of Business

 – Department of Marketing  – Department of Management  – Department of Accounting and Finance

Faculty of Health Sciences

– Department of Public Health – Department of Nursing

Faculty of Informatics

 – Department of Information Communications Technology (ICT)

Faculty of Social Sciences

 – Department of Sociology and Social Work  – Department of International Relations and Diplomacy  – Department of Development Studies

What makes Admas University Hargeisa different?


Quality Education

Assured by HERQA and Ministry of Education of Ethiopia


Accredited Certificate

Internationally accredited certificate


Qualified Staffs

Existence of highly qualified multi-national staffs


First Student Council

first private institution to have a student council body in Somaliland