The traditional education system has remained quite the same. Universities are still operating face-to-face classes. Although the use of multimedia and technology has changed the experience around the last few decades, students who are pursuing degrees are still attending lectures and examinations to finish courses and attain the certificate.

But this last decade in the 21st century has brought about a massive change in the world of education. First of all, the internet has brought about a paradigm shift in the fundamental way in which learning is done. It has taken learning beyond the walls of the university’s campuses, classrooms and into the palms of everyone. The past year has transformed nearly every aspect of life in the whole world after covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Meanwhile, the way of communication to our friends, family, colleagues, communities, and the way of learning changed dramatically through the globe.


As a responsible higher education institution, Admas University Hargeisa keeps truck of the need of the general society of Somaliland which shapes the academic plans and launching the needed programs. It is in addressing this social responsibility the university launched ONLINE EDUCATION PROGRAM that aims to address the rising demand of those who cannot attend on campus programs.

There are no boundaries to earning an international accredited certificate from Admas University through high-quality Online education program for any department. We bring the same bachelor’s, and postgraduate’s programs taught on campus to you giving you the flexibility to balance your life and education. Don’t settle for less; choose Admas University online digital pathway to a bachelor’s degree that is expertly designed for students like you.