Message from the President of Admas University Hargeisa

Ihsan Omer | President of Admas University Hargeisa

Celebrating its nine years of service in Somaliland, Admas University Hargeisa is proud of its graduates, its academic and administrative staff along with the larger Somaliland community for the coordinated effort they Putin to attain the mission and vision of the university. As you all know, Admas is known for its quality education, strict principle based engagement with students and above all, for the unique environment it creates for students owing to the existence of multinational academic staffs not forgetting the international accreditation the university has.

Driven by its mandates, the university is working restless on teaching learning, research and community services. In terms of teaching learning, it creates a space for more than 1200 students in its regular, distance and postgraduate program every year. Aggregating the output, Admas University provides around 500 graduates in various fields of studies annually. This makes the total educated and productive citizens Adams produced to Somaliland to be more than 3000 in its service so far. Our success is not just in number but also in quality of graduates, since our alumni are holding key positions working as a leader of government institutions, private companies and also in NGOs. In addition, our graduates take the highest proportion of the scholarship opportunities provided to Somaliland community which infers the international compatibility of our students.

Regarding the research and community service of our university, our  academic staffs are serving as consultant in government, Private and NGO sectors to alleviate the social, economical and political challenges facing the nation. Every year the university also selects seven excellent academic research out-puts of students for a national defense with the presence of concerned ministries and scholars in Somaliland. This indicates the effort Admas University is enduring to fulfill its responsibility as a higher education institution.

Currently, the university is upgrading itself to the next level by opining a master’s degree programs in six departments based on the need assessment the university conducted in collaboration with major stakeholders. This demonstrates the determination the university has to be an assisting hand in the national development by moving every step closer to the growing demand of the nation. The determination is not only to grow to the next level but also to assure accessibility of education to all Somaliland citizens. That is why Admas University has opened its Borama branch which is going to start its service the coming academic year.

Summarizing the achievements Admas University made so far, it has managed to attain its mission and vision and has proved itself as a major pillar in the overall development of Somaliland. The university would like to express its gratitude to all stakeholders who have made it possible for the university to accomplish all the remarkable achievements.


Ihsan Omer

President of Admas University Hargeisa