An overview of Admas University Hargeisa

Admas University Hargeisa is a branch of Admas University; an internationally accredited and highly reputed higher education institution in Ethiopia. Admas University Hargeisa officially started its service in 2006 as the first private institute in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Initially the university was mainly providing social science field of studies for undergraduate programs but now it has diversified fields of studies. The university is symbolized for quality education assured by the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia through the National Quality Assurance agency known as the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance Agency (HERQA). In its nine years of service in Somaliland, the university has widened its service to multidisciplinary areas of academics by incorporating socially relevant field of studies. As a result, so far it has produced more than 3,000 graduates who are serving key positions in government institutions, NGOs, and private sectors with high integrity and excellence in performance demonstrating the personality they developed in Admas.

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Admas University Hargeisa aspires to be a center of excellence in multidisciplinary quality education, research and community service in Somaliland.


To produce productive, capable and socially responsible citizens who can address the social, political and economical advancement desires of Somaliland through multifaceted research and outreach services.

Our Values

Professionalism and Integrity

holding the highest professional standards, Promoting rational judgements and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles.

Accountability and Transparency

Accountability and Transparency

Upholding democratic, transparent and participative decision makings and executing duties and responsibilities with full accountability to the university community and the external community.


we are dedicated to respond to the needs of our customers timely, readily and positively.

Quality First

Academic excellence , meaningful outreach services and demand driven and solution oriented research can only be attained if the quality of our services, staffs ,inputs and process is uncompromised and to the at most care, the issue of quality is internalized at every  task  and day to day  of the activities of the university

Tolerance and Mutual Respect

Tolerance and Mutual Respect

The University strongly believes that building a society who not only accommodates but also warmly celebrates diversity is a key task of every citizen. Mutual respect and tolerance stems from appreciating unity with in diversity.

Team Spirit

the university community must work collaboratively for the shared vision and mission of the university and develop sense of “we” sprit. We believe that individuals with high spirit at work are well adjusted and exhibit: a sense of inner harmony, positive energy, conscientiousness, self-transcendence, openness to possibilities, and a spiritual inclination.