Admas University Hargeisa is the brain-child of Mr. Ahmed Tahir Mohamed (Adnan) an innovative young man who established community service providing organizations and put them in to operation for the overall advancement of Somaliland. Mr. Adnan is an educated man who had assumed several administrative positions in the Government of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. For instance he was a higher ranking official at the Ethiopian Investment Authority. The last time he was in the office, he was the General Auditor in the federal Audit Department of Ethiopia. Currently, Mr. Adnan is working as a private investor focusing in the Horn of Africa in general Somaliland in particular. His main objective is to engage in socially significant matters such as education. He is a highly concerned and responsible citizen who values the role of quality education for the overall development of a nation which explains his decision to open Admas University Hargeisa.

Adnan Dahir, Admas Founder and Chairman