The Distance Learning Program

Distance learning is a way of learning basically without going to classes every time which is also a method instruction delivery for students who are not able to attend a regular learning programs for various reasons. The distance program of Admas University is creating the opportunity for those who have the desire to peruse their education but challenged by many constraints such as fulltime commitment to job or distance and time constraints. Accordingly, this program has been and still is a smart choice by many Somaliland community members. So far the distance program of Admas University has served more than 25,000 students both here in Somaliland and Ethiopia in the past ten years. The flexibility in teaching and the choice for students to finish their study in a time convenient for them makes it efficient and effective for the target customers. The program also sets tutorial classes for students from time to time with an intention of assisting distance learning program students in dealing with any challenging topics in their respective courses of studies.

Social Science Department

 – Department of Social Science.

Faculty of Economics

 – Department of Economics  – Department of Agricultural Economics  – Department of Rural Development

Faculty of Education

 – Department of Educational Planning and Management

Faculty of Business

 – Department of Marketing  – Department of Management  – Department of Accounting and Finance

Global Studies and IR

 -Global Studies and International Relations

Faculty of Social Sciences

 – Department of Sociology and Social Work  – Department of International Relations and Diplomacy  – Department of Development Studies

Duration of the Programs

All programs are set to be three years that means nine semesters which normally a semester takes from 12-18 weeks. However, this time schedule largely depends on the student’s learning capacity and time flexibility.

Admission Criteria

1- A secondary school certificate with the grade result set by the Ministry of Education of Somaliland to join university. 2- Two passport size photos. 3- Submission of duly filled registration form

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What makes Admas University Hargeisa different?


Quality Education

Assured by HERQA and Ministry of Education of Ethiopia


Accredited Certificate

Internationally accredited certificate


Qualified Staffs

Existence of highly qualified multi-national staffs


First Student Council

first private institution to have a student council body in Somaliland