Staff Composition of the University

Service in Adams University is a coordinated output of the academic and management support staff which has a wide mix of profession and academic status. The academic staff is composed of mainly foreign instructors who have come to serve this community with high qualification and enthusiasm from our main pools of instructor; Ethiopia and India with a time to time visit by scholars from other countries too.  Our local academic staff members, who are selected, based on their high achievements and strict principle based engagement with students, are also the other strong hand in our teaching-learning process. This makes Admas unique and highly preferred destination of students who are searching for quality education with friendly and supportive academic and social development environment.

The administrative and supporting staff of the university is the other wheel that drives the development of the university with efficient and effective services they provide to our main customers, our students. The administrative and support staff members are cooperative, skilled in customer handling and readily available to assist students in their day to day engagement in the university. It is also worth mentioning that most of our supporting staffs are our previous students which make Adams a place for academic and professional endeavors.

Mr. Ahmed Tahir Mohamed

Chairman, Board of Directors

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Ihsan Omar Ismail

President Admas University

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Hussein Abdillahi Mohamoud

President Admas University, Hargeisa

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Ahmed Hassan Haji

Academic Vice President

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Tesfaye Zewge Haile

Q.A.R.P&C. Vice President

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Fatima Awil Ali

Director, Administration & HR Office

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Mukhtar Mohamed Abdillahi

Head, Finance Office

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Mahad Mohamed Abdi

Head, School of Graduate Studies

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Mohamed Mohamoud

Academic program planning officer

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Abdirizak Tayib Hussein

Head, Registrar's Office

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Sa'ad Muse Ali

Head, Students and Social Affairs

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Abdurahman Khalif Muse

Director, Training and Consultant

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Dr. Mohamed O. Guudle (PhD)

Director, Research and Community Development Directorate

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Sumaya Ahmed Muse

Executive Secretary