Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Architecture is concerned with the design and construction of buildings in their sociological, technical and environmental contexts. There is increasing recognition of architecture as one of the top intellectual disciplines, an art form, and a technical profession intimately linked with the single largest sector of investment in the economy. Architects are called upon to design and execute building projects and resolve other issues related to the manmade environment in a variety of settings. Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning program aims at attaining a high level of contextual excellence in architectural design. Both theory and studio exercises are viewed as the core of the program with crucial inputs being provided by experts specializing in the fields of arts, humanities, engineering and technology, and professional practice of architecture. A strong foundation of multi-disciplinary enabling skills related to space, construction environments and aesthetics are offered to the students. Among others, these skills include drawing, architectural presentation, research and writing, computer applications, technical and managerial aptitudes in problem definition and solution seeking.

The Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning program aims to educate thoughtful and responsible persons effectively able to tackle the challenges of the profession.


To develop into an autonomous institution and a center of excellence in Architectural studies, research, development and consultancy in the world


  • To train and educate budding architects of high caliber, who will be sound in theory and practice, who can create built environment which is functional, aesthetic, economical and environment- friendly
  • To provide a congenial aesthetic setting which will spur creativity among the students and faculty
  • To focus on academic rigor in all the courses taught
  • To provide state of the art infrastructure to facilitate efficient output of Architectural work
  • To encourage faculty and students to undertake institutional consultancy which will make a dent on the society


The teaching programs at ADMAS University focus on building professional capacities and therefore they are centered on ‘studios’ or ‘labs’.  Here, students engage with well-designed life-like problems. Coursework, seminars and research assignments, aimed at developing conceptual and analytical abilities of students, and skill-enhancing workshops support learning in studios and labs.  Students also have to enroll in travel and documentation programs and to intern in professional offices to widen their exposure.

ADMAS University cherishes the individual interests and abilities of its students.  To enable each student to chart a unique course of study and realize his or her own individual potential, programs mandate only three quarters of the total credits that students have to complete.

The belief that educating professionals requires practicing professionals and academics to work closely together firmly underpins ADMAS University’s pedagogic philosophy.  Therefore, ADMAS University works as a collaborative of academics and practitioners.   Teachers at ADMAS University, see themselves as coaches.  Their role is to support individual students in their explorations and in their capacity-building quests.

About Head of Department

Registered Architect, CoA B.Arch, PGPCM, MBA, AIIA, AIIID, Intl.Assoc.AIA, ASIAEA Masters in Construction Management from NICMAR, Pune and MBA after securing a B.Arch from School of Planning and Architecture, JNTU. In addition to Academics, she has also designed several types of projects for Residential Buildings, Housing Colonies, Institutional Buildings, and Industrial Buildings/Landscape, Farm Houses and Ecological projects. She has also worked independently on utilities design for a few projects in Somaliland. Presently she is pursuing her Diploma in Interior Design course from India. She has a work experience of more than 6 years as an Architect in India.

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