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Admas University was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in October of 1998. Identifying a need for higher education in Somaliland, Admas University established a campus in Hargeisa in September of 2006. The Hargeisa campus was established in line with a greater policy of expanding access to education throughout the region. So far, branch campuses have also been established in Debreseit, Dessie, and Adwa. Since then the university has produced more than 10,000 graduates in various professional fields. Currently the Ethiopian Ministry of Education has accredited all of the University’s Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs.

At present, the total of enrolled Admas University students is over 10,000 students in all campuses, including the Hargeisa campus. The Hargeisa campus is an autonomous branch that offers Degrees Post Graduate Diploma in various fields.

Master of Commerce, Master of Financial Management, Master of Accounting & Finance, Post Graduate Diploma Holder in Financial Management, and Management Accounting, Diploma holder in Law of Taxation, and Diploma holder in Banking and Finance of the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.

He is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Financial Accountants, the Institute of Associate Book-Keepers, and the Institute of Certified Book-Keepers.

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