Development Studies Program

  • Development studies, as an academic field, views development as a complex process that is based on progress in a wide range of heavily interrelated areas
  • According to this view, development can only be studied on a multidisciplinary basis, that will take into account the effect that all of these areas have on development of each other, as well as on a general progress of a nation
  • In line with this approach, our program goes beyond simple analysis of economic growth and studies development from the point of view of many other social sciences, both in the global context and in the context of Somaliland

Program Features

  1. 3 years Degree Program
  2. Weekend classes for professionals
  3. International academic staff
  4. Collaboration with NGO’s and other development agents and practitioners
  5. Student counceling and tutoring
  6. Access to a full-stocked library and on-line informational resources
  7. Flexible amount of classwork
  8. Internationally recognized degree



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