Bachelor of Sociology and Social Work (3 Year Degree Programme)

Given the great deal of prevailing societal problems in Somaliland and the need for professionally trained Social Workers to find a professional remedy to the various problems encountered by the society which are bottleneck to our Social development, Admas University College in Hargeisa, has come to the conclusion the need for establishing Department of Sociology and Social Work, that will churn out professionally trained Social Workers which would handle the aforementioned problems.

This three year Bachelors program in Sociology and Social work is an intensive course with theory and field practice. The uniqueness of this program is that students are exposed to intensive experimental learning and this gives an edge over other under-graduate courses. The transition from a student to a professional practitioner is carefully guided by a group of qualified and experienced faculty. The main objective of the course is to impart education and training in professional social work and enhance the understanding of social issues through interdisciplinary perspective.

The knowledge and practical experience gained through the theory papers and field work will enable the graduates to move easily into other post graduate courses like MSW, Public Administration, NGO management, Human resources, and clinical Psychology.

Objective of the course (B.A. in Sociology and of Social Work)

  • To provide education and training in Social Work to those desirous of making a career in Social practice.
  • To provide opportunities through intensive field practice to work with variety of people in their development and provide service to those who are in need of it.
  • To provide inter-disciplinary collaboration for better understanding of human problems, services and issues related to human development.
  • To link theory with practice in every sphere of human endeavours.
  • To develop requisite knowledge, skills and values in working with people.
  • To promote among learners a sense of responsibility and commitment to work with different sections of people and especially of the vulnerable sections of the society.
  • To promote opportunities and to create awareness for personal growth.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills in undertaking practice – based research and to administer human service organisations.

Name of the Course:

The Course shall be called (Bachelor in Sociology and Social work)

Duration of the Course:

The Course of study for B.A. in Sociology and Social work Degree shall extend over a period of nine semesters spreading over three academic years.


  • The eligibility of Social Work Bachelor’s Degree Programme is 10 + 2 or Secondary School or equivalent to Secondary school.
  • Candidates who have already Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities/ Social Science/ Science/ Commerce or Management subjects are also eligible.
  • Employees already working as Social Workers at United Nations Organisations, International organisations, and the local voluntary agencies - and who are not professionally trained as Social Workers, but holding any other Degree other than Social Work Degreeare given preference over others.
  • Selection is on the basis of any performance in Entrance Test, Group Discussion, and Interview. The test measures one’s mental ability and general awareness. The aim of the interview is to establish a candidate’s genuine interest in Social Work.

Suitability of the Course:

  • It is best suited for those who have a flexible outlook towards humanity. They should have enormous patience and deal with complex situations efficiently.
  • Those who have high understanding of human psychology and possess the ability to analyse an issue and take decisions apt to the situation are perfectly for this course.
  • Social Work as profession is considered as prestigious as other professional courses.

How Bachelor of Sociology and Social Work Programme beneficial?

Candidates who have completed Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Social Work can apply for MSW or Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work.

After gaining some experience SOSW’s can be appointed as Consultants with various high reputed organisations be they UN organisations - and that of the International aid agencies.

Field Work Programme (Social Work) Practicum)

Objective of Field Work Programme

  • Develop the ability to observe and analyse Social realities.
  • Appreciate the ability to observe and society’s response to peopleneeds, problems and social issues.
  • Develop critical understanding of the application of legislation, legal process, and social policy.
  • Develop the ability to examine the process of programme management and participate in the effort at various levels.
  • Develop the ability to recognize the need for newer programmes, initiate and participate in them.
  • Use Human Rights tools, understanding of gender justice – and need for equity in all intervention.
  • Develop and understanding of organizational structure, resource management, and day –to- day administration for human service programmes – developmental and welfare programmes.
  • Develop the capacity to integrate knowledge and practice – theory by participating in intervention.
  • Clarify and imbibe values which sustain positive attitude and professional ethics.
  • Develop the capacity for self – direction, growth and change through self –awareness.
  • Enhance writing skills to document practice appropriately. Recordings to be viewed an expression of interest, motivation and involvement in practice and as evidence of enrichment in the process of professional growth.
  • During the second year of the Course observation visits to welfare, educational and developmental and other Social agencies will be arranged. The students will be guided to understand the process of implementation of various programmes.

The following shall be the outline Field work activities:

  • Orientation to Field work
  • Observation with Social Work Practitioners
  • Programme media Workshops
  • Individual Conference
  • Group Conference
  • Viva –Voce

Assessment of Social Work Practicum

A viva –voce examination shall be conducted for each candidate in the second year. The performance of the candidate shall be assessed by a committee consisting of one faculty member of the Department of Sociology and Social Work of Admas University College and an external examiner from the faculty of Social Science of the University. The number of such committees depends on the number of candidates.

Who Co-ordinates this Programme?

This programme is coordinated by the Dean of the Department of Sociology and Social Work - lecturer Mukhtar Mohamed Abby who was educated and worked in the Indian subcontinent. Highly qualified lecturers expert in this field of study are part of this programme.


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