It was the first time a local university conducted a contest like that for its students. And before it happened, its promotional video was being aired from Universal and Kalsan Local Televisions for almost a week, an advertisement message that was elaborating, the what, the when and the where of the event.

On the 23rd of Jan 2018 at around 4pm in the Afternoon, the spacious front yard of the university’s main campus, which was the venue of the contest, had been crowded with students as well as numerous spectators.

This little analogy is a brief introduction on a contest by the name of ‘Student Talent Night and Gaariye Cultural Event’ organized by Admas University for its students on 23-24 Jan 2018.

More than twenty students participated this contest with the aim of displaying their unique God given talents. With six minutes allocated each contestant, every competing student came on a stage filled by hundreds of audiences that cheered and applauded each time a contestant demonstrated a brilliant audition.

However, the talent show were judged by five members of jury team  of which the most notable was the acclaimed poet and documenter of the Somali literature, Mr. Yusuf Shaacir ; while also accompanied by three university lecturers and the university’s human resource manager.

However, among the talent auditions showcased in the contest included on-spot paintings, karate self defense demo, prodigy or altered songs, poems, songs, food catering, documentaries, motivational public speeches, books, etc.

Nevertheless, part of the show was the Yemeni Students Cultural festival that also showcased their tradition. Even some of them joked a fluent Somali language on stage.

Finally, the judges announced the three best talented students. The best contestant was named to Mr. Abdifatah, who auditioned karate and self defense skills; the second runoff position had been won by Mr. Hamse Anwar who put forward an amazing painting skills and the third place had been given to Fathiya Sulub.


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